“Golden Handcuffs is among the handful of truly important contemporary literary magazines. It fights the good fight for work that would otherwise want for a champion, and for this reason I read each issue with great enthusiasm.”
—Rick Moody

“In letters, there is nothing like Golden Handcuffs, and nothing better.”
—Harry Mathews

It’s possible that Golden Handcuffs is the best literary magazine you’ve never heard of. For years it has been publishing U.S. and international heavy-hitters, writers such as David Antin, Jacques Roubard, Denise Riley, Nathaniel Mackey, Maurice Scully, Robert Coover, Fanny Howe, and Luisa Valenzuela – to name only a few. Whenever a new GH comes out, I know I am in for a good read.
—Rae Armantrout


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Golden Handcuffs Review Number 34

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