“Golden Handcuffs is among the handful of truly important contemporary literary magazines. It fights the good fight for work that would otherwise want for a champion, and for this reason I read each issue with great enthusiasm.”
—Rick Moody

“In letters, there is nothing like Golden Handcuffs, and nothing better.”
—Harry Mathews


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a screw in the shoe

Anthology of Challenges


                                                                 as to what
would help these works find their way through the culture very little
would help books of this type find their way through culture        we
sell very few books        we generally dont participate in all of the
cultures sacred rituals or respect its values and we have a whole
set of counter positions on almost everything        and feel perhaps
not content with that        but satisfied that we are doing what we
want to do which stands like a screw in the shoe of anybody holding
a place in the dominant culture                                                                      

– David Antin

a screw in the shoe Anthology of Challenges by Golden Handcuffs Refiew Publications

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