GHR Vol. 1 #11 Print Edition


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Golden Handcuffs Review #11 collectible print edition from 2009 features art by Brian Smale and William Powhida. Work by Norman Weinstein, Andrew Ervin, Alan Singer, Zack Wentz, Alice Notley, Simon Pettet, Jerome Rothenberg, David Meltzer, Rosmarie Waldrop, Louis Armand, Katherine Hastings, Laurie Duggan, Hank Lazer, Mark Axelrod, Luisa Valenzuela, Gwendolyn Diaz, Maria Teresa Madeiros-Lichem, David Matlin, Alicia Partnoy, Christina Peri Rossi, Susana Szwarc, Raul Zurita, Anselm Hollo, Toby Olson, Peter Quartermain, Nathaniel Tarn, Robert Kelly, John Olson, Ed Foster, Richard Deming, David Need, Norman Finkelstein, Gherasim Luca, Peter O’Leary, Brian Strang, Dennis Phillips, Michael Heller, Pedro Calderón, Randy Hayes, and Joseph Donahue. Includes birthday tributes to Luisa Valenzuela and Nathaniel Tarn.

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