Golden Handcuffs #14

(Winter—Spring, 2011; Vol. 1, No. 14)





Cover photograph of Joseph McElroy
Colophon leading to McElroy festschrift
Andrea Augé



Journey on a Dime
Toby Olson

Burnt Alum
Joe Ashby Porter

They Only Liked and Enjoyed Lesser People
Stacey Levine

The Sinces
Jeremy M. Davies

4 Microfictions
Meredith Quartermain

In Utica
Rob Crawford

3 Flash Fictions
Kevin Casey

After the Procedure
Brian Evenson

from Anima Motrix
Arno Bertina (tr. Anne-Laure Tissut)

from CosmoZ
Claro (tr. Brian Evenson)

Liliane Giraudon (tr. Nicole Halmi)

The Promethean Sea
James Tierney

The Campaign Trail
Joseph McElroy



3 Poems
Jesse Glass

3 Poems from Several Dances
Maurice Scully

Arctic Terns
Burt Kimmelman

Among the Pigs
Paol Keineg (tr. Rosmarie Waldrop)

from Third Person Singular
Rosmarie Waldrop

from Traverser
Habib Tengour (tr. Pierre Joris)

Paper Clothes for the Dead
Zhang Er (tr. by the author with Joseph Donahue)

from Of Beings Alone
Lissa Wolsak

Notebook 15, pages 71, 70, 68
Hank Lazer




The Courage of Joseph McElroy
Mike Heppner

on Preparations for Search (McElroy)
Rick Moody

"Continually Re-enchanting the World:" Virtually Joseph McElroy
Mark Troy

Sensation in Joseph McElroy's Plus
Yves Abrioux

Designs for the Voice (McElroy)
Antoine Cazé and Brigitte Félix

"Safely at Risk:" A Reading of Lookout Cartridge
Flore Chevaillier

Joseph McElroy
Andrew Walser

Some Questions Not Asked in Peter Waterhouse's Language Death Night Outside
Tristram Wolff

John Hawkes' The Passion Artist, a Review of the Literature
James Tierney

Can a Dream World Be Dystopic? (Schneiderman)
Scott McFarland

The Bees (Scully)
Meredtih Quartermain

Lissa Wolsak's Squeezed Light: Collected Poems 1994-2005: A Defence of Being
Hank Lazer

Kenneth Irby, By Instinct of Sweet Music Driven
George Economou

Exit from Exurbia (Enslin)
John Olson

The World at the Center of the Word, The Word at the Center of the World (Trujillo)
Paul Pines

From A-Z and Bach Again: Getting a Handel on "A"-24
Jeff Hilson

Canto 75 vs. "A"-24
Richard Parker

"And I This Blest": the Zukofskys' "A"-24
Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas




To our friends:

This issue completes Volume I. Now we take a year's sabbatical to raise funds. See you in spring 2012. In the meantime, we'll appreciate all leads toward support.

To pause on such high notes—McElroy, Zukofsky, strong samplings of French and US fiction, the work combined with unusually-rich reflections on it—what could be better?

We'll have your answer in 2012!