Golden Handcuffs Review

Volume II, Issue 25

ISBN: 978-0-9909506-6-0





this trembling turf (surge): 5'x4' white ink on black clayboard,
2017, private collection: cover
Mary Ann Peters


from Mice 1961, a novel
Stacey Levine

Four Poems
Rae Armantrout

Bits and Pieces
Rosmarie Waldrop

from Meridian
Nancy Gaffield

Three Poems Being Written
Anne Tardos

Mai 68
Leslie Kaplan

Four Poems
Roberta Olson

Our lady of errata
Lisa Samuels

Time out of Mind
River: mouth: breath
Meredith Quartermain

from Toe-hee
Joanna Ruocco

from Barbaric Tales
Catherine Walsh

from "I want to write an honest sentence"
Susan M. Schultz

Up and Down at Bishops' House
Geraldine Monk & Alan Halsey

threnody for south Louisiana
Marthe Reed

Four Poems
Sarah Mangold

Preface to Incapacity
Jeanne Heuving



The Taste Of Elsewhere: love and iodine in the writing of Stacey Levine
John Olson

The Camel's Pedestal by Anne Tardos
Jeanne Heuving

That Dionysian Jazz (Rochelle Owens)
Amy L. Friedman





Golden Handcuffs Review Number 25