Golden Handcuffs #5


The Visit Daniele Sallenave

The Passion of Phineas Gage Jesse Glass

Translating is Sexy Leslie Kaplan

The Edinburgh Mashie Dante's Foil Mark Axelrod

Reversal of Fortunes
My Little Plane Toby Olson

Grey Scale/Zukofsky John Taggart

The Enemy Below Doug Nufer

A Sentence Having Bill Evans Converse with Himself For Lydia Cabrera Cabrera

Norman Weinstein

V Lou Rowan

This Blind Grasping Karen Kelley

Transgend/Ear Stacey Levine

Section 1 of andorthe: poems within a poem Serge Gavronsky

Denmark: Thinking of John Wieners Show Your Working Kevin Nolan

Eleven Poems Hank Lazer

Afterword Rick Moody

The Mind Behind the Head Charles Stein


On Prayer, Poetry and Song (Hank Lazer) Rachel Back

Hank Lazer: An Eye for Miracles Donald Revell

In the Watermark Stain of My Little Plane (Toby Olson)
James Tierney

Interview with Toby Olson Jaclyn Cole, Jason Macey

John Taggart, Take Three Paul Naylor

Thinking with the Poem (Louis Zukofsky) Peter Quartermain

Translating Zukofsky Serge Gavronsky

A Sentence Reviewing Michael Magee's Emancipating Pragmatism Norman Weinstein

Hero of the Local: Robert Creeley and the Persistence of American Poetry Charles Bernstein

A Sentence Situating Creeley in an Alternative Lineage Norman Weinstein

Pieces of a Night John Olson

Meaning: I Hear You Kyle Schlesinger

Robert Creeley: Serge Gavronsky

Utter Measure Sarah Campbell

to Robert Creeley: Pierre Joris

You Dig: On Robert Creeley's Poetics and the Labor of Questioning Gregg Biglieri

Robert Creeley: There are words... Hank Lazer

to Guy Davenport Bernard Hoepffner