Golden Handcuffs #6

(Summer, Fall 2005; Vol. 1, No. 5)



Manatee - Joe Ashby Porter

Mr. Seguin's Goat - Joe Ashby Porter

How Do Breasts Feel? - Stacey Levine

Excerpt from Frances Johnson - Stacey Levine

from Le Psychanalyste - Leslie Kaplan

The Chastity of the Wine Taster - Alan Singer

from Rehabilitation / Documentation - James Tierney

A Day in Manhattan - Harry Mathews

Berenice - Harry Mathews

Waiting for Dusk - Harry Mathews

Savages - Tim Keane

Ortho Tri-Cyclen® - Matthew Roberson


from The Buffalo Poems - Rachel Tzvia Back

The Form Of A City Changes Faster, Alas, Than The Human Heart - Jacques Roubaud

from Daily Sonnets - Laynie Browne

Foolish Heart - Toby Olson

The Shark - Dionysius Solomos

Two Poems from China Notes - Jerome Rothenberg

Poem for my Mutual Fund - Daniel Borzutsky

Poem for my Face - Daniel Borzutsky

The Vision of the Seeker - Bruce Stater

Linguatulida - Anna Maria Hong

from Daily Sonnets - Laynie Browne


On the Sustaining of Culture in Dark Times - Michael Palmer

How ROTC Saved My Life – and Granted a Transcendant Revelation - Douglas Messerli

Why are States and the Federal Government Promoting Constitutional Amendments to Marriage Law? - Bill Dorn


Laynie Browne's Drawing of a Swan Before Memory - Robert Mittenthal

On Laynie Browne's " Ambient Language" - Jeanne Heuving

Responses to Manatee and Mr. Seguin's Goat - Harry Mathews

Thinking Reading Joe Porter - Toby Olson

Joe Ashby Porter's The Near Future - Emily Grosholz

Against Despair: a set of approaches toward an initial critical appreciation of the fictions of Joe Ashby Porter - James Tierney

On Stacy Levine's Frances Johnson - David Karp

Brave World (Response to Stacey Levine's " Transgend/Ear") - Lou Rowan

" And words are the skin of dreams": Translating Leslie Kaplan's Le Psychanalyste - Catherine A.F. MacGillivray