from Daily Sonnets

Laynie Browne

There is no line within time

Which will tell you for certain

Or certain telling only— o

To recognize your footing

There is no time within the line

I read in secret or write as a form

Of transport trespassing into

You of ribbony sight— please cut

Words only by hand or mouth

Syllables naysaying your search

For new leaves upon which to gather

The dotted guides to true spring

Where you undress the sentence

In full light without apologetic green

New York Sonnet

Use that phrase as a seed

Your clotting premonition of me

circling a destination

travels backwards in buses or

or subways to Frank

who couldn't appreciate grass

unless your city framed my

city, a visit into your mattress

accompanied by a contagious curtain

a teacher who taught silence

Investigation of the 1,000 sordid images

which did not compose the view

Internally, your entrance, your text conspires

What is your mars, your venus, your moon (owned and earned)

Rilke/ Dunio Elegy Translation

Where when itch shriek hoards

mica den us dear angel

Or nudging gazelles siblings are named

Eye might puzzle and hers

each version won signing

Starkest desire. Den of shining

first nights always

these shrinking lichen

afghan den wire notch grade estrogen

Under weird bewildered snow veiled

as glassy Versailles

zoo snoring, eye jaded angel is kreplach

Under so very itch mitts den and

very shucks den lock rough

Why Wolves Aren't Famous

It's not an idea (I forgot)

What should the title be?

I'm tired of pure form

pass me that framework

The knight of the ox is very famous

He destroyed the dragon's cape

All I know about capes is water

Ghost and mud bring it back to life

Now eat your pancakes and stop

dreaming about syrup crystals

The flowers have pink, yellow, purple all I know

You might find a password

in one of them so look carefully

Did you write this in a whispery tone?


Love Sonnet to Light (3/14)

Your secret self I already

have seen lurking and more comely

rows and rows of words become you

Catalhoyuk's Place in History

( two-fourteenths sonnet)

O late sanctum of gold-eyed snake

Pink construction paper upon which you eye me

Love Sonnet to Light

The only one I undescribe

Like every tale which

in its telling is told

I walk about your entrances mentally

not fitting or fastening

No cloistering,

no gathering

oneself to meet you

There is only you unseen

And I in my imagined

stammering chamber

As if you had not inhabited

the space of my worry

As if not even this circling thought

became your ornament