Golden Handcuffs #7

(Summer, Fall 2006; Vol. 1, No. 7)



The Last Disarmament But One - Joseph McElroy

The Elevators - Joel Weinbrot

3 Stories - Rick Moody

O Street - Corinna Wycoff

Prince - Lou Rowan

Colour Theory - Elizabeth Alexander

What’s New - Toby Olson

Untitled - R.M. Berry

Vancouver Writers special section
edited by Jacqueline Turner


6 Poems - Robin Blaser

4 poems - Meredith Quartermain

Ode on Autonomy - Stephen Collis

4 excerpts from sybil unrest - Rita Wong & Larissa Lai

4 poems - Peter Quartermain

4 from Seven into Even - Jacqueline Turner

At the primitive gates of accumulation - Jeff Derksen


from Winter Garden - Aaron Peck


Waiting for Venus to Die, Tramalfadorian Goose - Michael Rothenberg

Show and Tell/Robert Creeley, Wedding Photo - John Taggart

To Charles Ives: A Fantasy - Jesse Glass

Art Diary - Bill Berkson

Letting me go - Rachel Tzvia Back

Three Poems from A Palette of Invisibilities (for Lydia Cabrera) - Norman Weinstein


Saved by Hippolyte Havel, Anarchist - Mel Freilicher

Negotiating Gender: the Boyish Bendings of Sculptor Randy Polumbo (with photos of the artist’s work) - Catherine A.F. MacGillivray

Our Business in Shanghai - Glenn Mott


The Unnamed (R.M. Berry) - James Tierney

Inhabiting “Untitled” - Lidia Yuknavitch

José Lezama Lima: Selections - Norman Weinstein

The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems (Jesse Glass) - Judith Skillman

Reviews of Rick Moody - Brian Evenson

“Let Artifice Create an Elegant Surface” (Moody) - Trey Strecker

A Response to Moody’s Style - Lou Rowan

“Struck from flint/of fleeting time” (Paul Naylor), “Its human summary if nothing else” (Robert Creeley) - Hank Lazer