At the Primitive Gates of Accumulation

Jeff Derksen

Massive drone of death metal capital

City centre remake metric black hole in middle Europe folk

Dark rubs in an urban sub sonic signature glass of speculative spaces

Monolithic tone of choices freighted over ocean

Earth’s altar tarred with the red of growth cap spilling up hills

No alternative to doomy trance rant for the slow discord scoured redolent economy

In commodities crude stalagmite drone as oil done and one gold

Who thought feudal discard could record again today at the gates of accumulation

When low rumbles of developers caterpillars enter the gentry on jags

Long slow ambient death spiked with crisis in cities tithed

Who ordered sediment sifts into a gaping black maw awards dinner

Laissez-fair reputation terrifying dead language cloud cover over classical quarters depriving prole pods minimums

Tribute uninterrupted drone of silent compulsion of enclosed commons monochrome

Since that time usual gargantuan exercises guaranteed tenfold polders planned

One-time destruction of sub-tonal scowls prowl working rings of the city’s wooded edges dredged

People and bleeding feedback drone

Forthcoming glacial, sprawling, anguished uninterrupted ruptures until work wages medieval ages

The humming you hear is outside your head in the air in the greed greening period

Like living heavy fucking sustained resonances lower bavaria holidays eradication

Today leveled to a flat-line minus vocals land-hungry gentry

Dislodge grindingly slow soundscapes verry poore and populous plus bistro

Sloth punished by servitude as bleak crushing and devoid of light as they possibly could be empire

Ideal working day completely overwhelmed by massive sub-sonic droning guitar riffs

Invisible market so heroic, so anthemic, so fucking what

Enclosed heaviest low end destructors expropriation bowels of wages

Modern form your leaden prone dispossessed body is just deadweight in this situation precapitalist

The result was monolithic! Now try living in it!

The vocabulary for this poem is drawn from reviews of sunn-0))) recordings “white1”, “white2”, “Black One”, and “The GrimmRobe Demos” and from Michael Perelman, The Invention of Capitalism: Classical Political Economy and the Secret History of Primitive Accumulation. Durham: Duke University Press., 2000.