Golden Handcuffs #8

(Winter, Spring 2007; Vol. 1, No. 8)



The Light of the Republic - Dallas Wiebe

from The Abyss of Human Illusion - Gilbert Sorrentino

Afterword to The Abyss of Human Illusion - Christopher Sorrentino

from let me tell you - Paul Griffiths

Hooter Girl Twins - Toby Olson

The Onegin Gambit; or, The Game No Longer Played on the rue St. Jacques - Mark Axelrod

from The Psychoanalyst - Leslie Kaplan

from Nin and Nan - Eckhard Gerdes

2 stories - Lou Rowan

from The Local Memory - James Tierney

San Francisco Writers edited by Michael Rothenberg


Mysterioso Ten, Eleven - Michael McClure

3 poems - David Meltzer

When We’re Not Ourselves - Gloria Frym

Spade: Cantos 1-3 - David Bromige & Richard Denner

Redwood Floodwatch - Michael Rothenberg

2 poems - Jack Hirschman

3 Poems - Pat Nolan

from The Life of the Mind - Larry Kearney

Siv, With Ocean (Pacific) - Ron Loewinsohn


The Prompter - Ron Loewinsohn


What America Should Listen To - Paul Éluard


Chomsky Grilling Linguica - Rochelle Owens

Debat de l’ame et du corps: The Poems and Fragments of Ananios of Kleitor - George Economou

Map Poems - Jack Spicer

Note to Spicer’s “Map Poems” - Peter Gizzi, Kevin Killian

Image-Nation 26 (being-thus - Robin Blaser

Interventions - Thomas Meyer

7 Poems - Jonathan Williams

2 Poems - Judith Skillman

Aera Umbrata - Peter O’Leary


from Nine Nights in New York - Douglas Messerli

from It Might Do Well with Strawberries - David Matlin


Orange was his Favorite Color (Sorrentino) - Bernard Hœpffner

The Shape of the Gesture: Three Pieces on Gil Sorrentino - Douglas Messerli

Spicer’s Dreamtime: The Map Poems - Robert Mittenthal

Review of daode jing, Laozi, translated by Thomas Meyer - Hank Lazer

Resisting the Nihilistic HyperPolitical, or,
Philomela’s Revenge: Chomsky’s Tongue, Roasted (Owens) - Susan Smith Nash

In Memory of Fielding Dawson - Norman Weinstein

Response to David Bromige’s and Richard Denner’s Spade - Douglas James Martin

Spade - Katherine Hastings

Ron Singer’s A Voice for my Grandmother - Bill Dorn

A Plea - The Editors