A Plea

By now you will have noticed that you’ve read a double issue priced as a single issue. And our single-issue price is, in any tradition you choose, a spiritual, a purifying act. We have succeeded over these years in losing our shirt and prominent portions of our anatomy to bring you the best of this world’s innovative writing. Our next issue, for example, will leap the 700-mile
fence of prejudice to bring you new work from South America.

To be clear: Golden Handcuffs Review will persist and thrive.

But it would not bother us, to put it mildly, if you helped our efforts to publish without space or media constraints by subscribing, taking ads, buying the book you’re holding after contemplating its splendors. We love the compliments we receive, love them. Thanks, thanks! Now if you’d please put your money where your. . . .

--The Editors