Golden Handcuffs #9

(Winter, Spring 2007-2008; Vol. 1, No. 9)


South American Fiction and Essays
edited by Mark Axelrod

Introduction to Juan Émar’s Diez
Pablo Neruda

The Hacienda La Cantera
Juan Émar

The Journey
Luisa Valenzuela

Lepanto’s Other Hand
Carmen Boullosa

Infamous Traitors: From Borges to Tarantino
Graciela Speranza

The Master’s Touch
Pablo Baler

Sunday Dinner
Cornel Bonca

from Antonia’s Loves, a novel in short stories
Alicia Borinsky

The Cellars
Hiber Conteris

from the novel Ostrich Legs
Alicia Kozameh

Photo Shoot
Ana Maria Shua

Museum of the Novel of Eterna (First Good Novel)
Macedonio Fernandez


5 from Dictionary Stories
David Antin

City of Reclamation
Ken Edwards


blessèd terror
from A Third Book of Concealments
A Babe Sits Placidly In Schwitters’ Bau
Jerome Rothenberg

Chopin’s Piano
Cyprian Norwid

4 poems from Several Dances
Maurice Scully

Zefiro Torna
A Note on Paul Blackburn and a Few Words
about a Very Old Poem
Mark Weiss

Red Fog
Leonard Schwartz

Glenn Mott

Human Values
Kathleen Fraser


Joyce 1 (color photo)
Untitled (Holly Spring, MS, color photo)
Randy Hayes

That Was Then, This Is Now: the Life of John Buchanan, May 17, 1961-Oct. 17, 1995.
Alice Wheeler

Black-and- white images of 4 Paintings
Jaq Chartier

4 Photos
Brian Smale

SEATTLE WRITING, edited by Joseph Donahue

The Seattle Section (essay)
Rebecca Brown

2 Poems
April De Nonno

2 Poems
J.W. Marshall

2 Prose Poems
Randy Hayes

2 Poems
Sarah Mangold

2 Poems
Jeanne Heuving

from The Fog Line
Nico Vassilakis

Diment and Wondratschek (story)
Diana George

from Text Message
Mageed Zaher

Song for Arthur Ballard
Paul Nelson

Craig Van Riper

Christine Deavel

from “Notes by the Translator”
Cathleen Shattuck

Ober Engadine
Bryant Mason

2 Poems
Daniel Comiskey

Ezra Marks

2 Poems
Robert Mittenthal

2 Poems
Deniz Perin

3 Poems
Roberta Olson

Four Poems Noir
Doug Nufer

from “This Bunny Is Making Me Happy”
C.E. Putnam

2 Poems
John Olson

2 Poems
Curtis Bonney

from Terra Lucida
Joseph Donahue

Answer to #4 from Rebecca Browne (essay)
Nico Vassilakis


Response to Ken Edwards’ Futures
J.H. Prynne

‘How Do You Do’—the Strange World of Maurice Scully and his Poetry
Augustus Young

Parts of a Dee Dance and an Open-Ended Response to Maurice Scully’s own “Dances”
Jesse Glass

Interview with Robin Blaser
Paul Nelson

Anthologies and the Changing Location of American Experimental Poetry
Hank Lazer

A Collage Meditation on Kathleen Fraser’s Poetry
Jeanne Heuving

Seeding Words, Acceding Words: Joseph Donahue
Jeanne Heuving

Notes on Contributors